First Data Solutions with Clover® Mobile

First Data Solutions with Clover® Mobile is a strong combination of state of the art hardware, cutting edge software, and advanced security. Designed for merchants who want to take payment or orders away from the counter, the Clover Mobile is portable and perfect for businesses on the go. Merchants can now take payment at their customers’ table, line bust, or even check inventory while on the store floor.

Clover Mobile comes with a choice of First Data 2000 or First Data Pro software which gives merchants the ability to make payment transactions, plus:

  • Start a bar tab
  • Introduce a loyalty program
  • Get valuable insights into their business
  • Purchase apps on the Clover App Market
  • And much more!

Merchants can upgrade to get even more features and functionality. The First Data Pro software does everything that the First Data 2000 software does plus gives merchants the ability to:

  • Track and manage cash and inventory
  • Find and manage orders
  • Connect to a kitchen printer
  • Purchase any of the dozens of apps in the Clover App Market.

More Features:

  • Comes with either 3G plus Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only
  • Comes with a belt holster to free up employees hands
  • Optional: high-speed, portable, Bluetooth-enabled thermal printer with standard paper (latches onto your belt); docking stand with wall mount; matching cash drawer
  • Multi-layered security with TransArmor (including data tokenization and end-to-end encryption)
  • Automatically delivered software updates
  • 7” screen

Merchants can also seamlessly link their Clover Mobiles to Clover™ Stations and/or Clover® Minis through the cloud.

To place an order, please contact us.

Check out the Clover Mobile in action!

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