AnywhereCommerce Rambler 2.0™ Reader

The AnywhereCommerce Rambler 2.0™ is a magnetic-stripe card reader that utilizes AnywhereCommerce’s patented audio-jack technology. The Rambler transforms smartphones and tablets into secure, fully-functioning mPOS solutions for a seamless and comfortable user experience.  It converts a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device into a portable, easy-to-use POS terminal.


– Plug and play API — Built-in, optional acquiring software makes the Rambler ready-to-use from the box. Equipment can also be easily integrated into a wide-range of existing acquiring software.
– Proprietary data encryption — Specialized encryption helps ensure card data is sent securely over wireless networks and no card information is stored on the device. Rambler also offers geolocation tagging for enhanced security and analytics.
– Built-in battery — Compact design does not draw off the mobile device battery, increasing reliability and uptime in the field.
– Major OS support — Android™, iOS, J2ME, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.1.

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