First Data™ FD130 Duo Terminal

The First Data™ FD130 Duo terminal paired with the First Data FD35 PIN pad is an affordable solution that combines performance, reliability and ease of use in compact, feature-rich devices. With new security guidelines coming soon, the combined solution enables merchants to accept transactions when a customer presents them with an EMV™ card; that is, a card embedded with a special chip that adds an important layer of security.

If your clients choose to connect via their existing broadband Internet service, First Data’s Datawire® Secure Transport solution provides speed and security, and may even save money over other options (optional dial backup; analog phone line required). If  preferred, your clients may connect via the built-in Wi-Fi capability.


  • Compact design
  • Windows CE 6.0; speedy ARM9 400Mhz CPU
  • Processing capabilities for ATM, debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions and check payments
  • Fast printer capable of 15 lines per second
  • IP connectivity with dial-up as a backup and Wi-Fi as an additional option
  • Durable keys
  • Touch-screen capability with 320×240 color display
  • Merchant-friendly one-touch feature for daily functions
  • Three-track magnetic-stripe reader
  • 64 MB RAM standard memory
  • Three USB ports
  • Address verification service
  • Batch history
  • Simplified support and installation
  • 2.25-inch-wide thermal roll printer
  • Ability to accept EMV chip transactions

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