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Protect your point-of-sale (POS) equipment investment and minimize downtime with TASQ® POS Replacement and Repair services.

When your merchants require POS repair or replacement, it's critical you respond quickly. Resolve problems that arise with your merchant's POS equipment and minimize merchant downtime with TASQ POS replacement and repair services. Our complete POS system repair process includes multiple levels of repair testing and warranty protection, as well as equipment status, repair tracking and reporting.

TASQ POS Replacement & Repair Advantages

Broken equipment can lead to lost revenue for you and your clients. With TASQ's POS repair service and warranty replacement programs, any equipment problems will be handled quickly and accurately with minimal business disruption for your merchants. Our equipment repair and tracking status reporting let you know exactly where equipment is in the repair process. We repair nearly 25,000 units monthly, using proven processes that ensure merchants get their POS systems repaired or replaced fast.

Choose from two TASQ warranty and replacement programs to help reduce risk and protect your clients against faulty POS hardware: Advanced Replacement Plan and Swaps Program. Each program has different components and benefits. In addition, in Canada we offer warranty service and tracking.

Key POS Replacement & Repair Components

Advanced Replacement Plan (ARP)

A one-time warranty fee for new equipment purchases. ARP replaces broken POS equipment with a similar like device if your equipment breaks down within the timeframe of the plan.

Swaps Program

Save money on repairs. Our Swaps program replaces a failed piece of POS equipment with a similar device for a one-time fee.

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