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Equipment Management

POS inventory control is crucial to helping keep track of your POS hardware investments. TASQ inventory management services are designed to help you do it the most organized and cost-effective way.

Whether you need your POS equipment inventory managed from end-to-end or you simply need someone to track and control POS inventory in the field, TASQ has the proven experience and expertise to effectively support your needs. Our comprehensive management programs can track and report inventory, whether it's at a TASQ warehouse or in the hands of your merchant.

TASQ POS Inventory & Asset Control Advantages

Investment in POS inventory can prove to be significant, while housing and managing POS logistics can be complex and time consuming. TASQ can minimize the investment cost and streamline inventory management of your assets through solutions designed to provide improved tracking visibility and reporting. With our Inventory Management services, we house your inventory and provide you with the industry-leading technology and customer service you need to stay up front and on top.

Key Inventory Management Services Components

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