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Flexible POS fulfillment services designed to help you get your merchants processing quickly.

Whether you're fulfilling 25 or 2500 POS terminals monthly, TASQ offers flexible POS deployment services designed to support all of your custom requirements. And, you can rest assured each order will be done right; all POS fullfillment is processed within a secure, quality controlled environment. TASQ POS deployment delivers comprehensive services related to purchasing, implementing and maintaining electronic processing equipment - including PIN pad injection, equipment configuration, inventory management, shipping, and reporting.

TASQ POS Fulfillment Advantages

As your sales grow, so does the burden on your team to support the wide range of configurable terminal solutions of your expanding customer base. Let TASQ help ease your resource constraints with our POS deployment services that deliver consistent, reliable, and accurate POS implementation direct to your merchants based on your requirements. You choose the support you need. Whether your business requires complete POS Deployment support or you simply could use some supplemental deployment support for your current process, TASQ can provide the level of support that helps you streamline your operations to ensure you have the time and resources to provide the best support for your merchants.

Key Components

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